SAO 341

SAO 341

Welding machine for circumference welds. Methode TIG.
surfacing on PTA machine PPC 250 PTM

surfacing on PTA machine PPC 250 PTM

surfacing of plug
methode PTA
material: type of Stellite
machine prduced in KSK: PPC 250 PTM
clamping system of positioners

clamping system of positioners

We supply clamping system of positioners from our production according to customer´s demands

Basic information KSK, s.r.o.

KSK s.r.o. was established in 1991 as a private Czech company specialised in custom-made construction and production of special and single-purpose machines and devices. Its aim is to meet the complete range of our customers’ needs from the selection or development of suitable technology to the construction and production of a machine. Training of servicing staff, technical support and service throughout the machine life-time are a matter of course. KSK s.r.o. is also involved in other business activities, for instance the sale of auxiliary materials for welding, mechanical water filters, etc.


  • + construction and production of machines for welding and surfacing
  • + technical and consulting services for technological processes of welding and surfacing
  • + technical and consulting services for the selection of auxiliary materials
  • + sale of welding materials of the voestalpine Böhler Welding
  • + renovation of worn-out parts
  • + co-operation with welding and surfacing
  • + construction and production of tooling machines (drilling machines, honing machines,..)
  • + construction and production of shaping machines (tubing benders)
  • + construction and production of testing benches
  • + repair, overhaul and modernization of machines, including electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic ones
  • + production and sale of filters for mechanical impurities